Supported Cameras

Shinobi can be assumed to work with any camera that supports FFmpeg. Shinobi leverages several mature open source projects that are well supported and actively maintained, and FFmpeg is one.

FFmpeg is the gold standard in the arena, and Shinobi makes extensive use of it. If a camera has FFmpeg support, it will almost certainly be able to be used with Shinobi.

A comprehensive (but never complete) list of cameras with FFmpeg support is maintained at

Input Methods (Input Type)

Type Description
JPEG Snapshot Image URL
MJPEG Motion JPEG Image stream
H.264 MP4 Video made by the camera
Streamer v1 RTC based stream capture done by a compatible browser. Can be considered as a method for recording local cameras. Experimental : Currently streams video only, no audio.
Local For USB or Integrated Cameras such as Webcams

Output Methods (Stream Type)

Type Description
Base64 Frames that are base64 encoded by the server then sent over websocket and are then drawn in a canvas element.
JPEG Within the dashboard JPEG streams are harnessed by refreshing an image element on a timer. Frames are written to RAM and can be accessed via the JPEG API.
MJPEG A standard streaming method. This method can be read by zoneminder.
HLS A method that records slices of video which are downloaded by the user via XHR requests. Please be advised that using this method may be detrimental to SSDs. Please point the streamDir to location located in your ram such as /dev/shm.

Video Recording Formats

If you are looking for a format that isn’t here let me know and we can work on getting it added. Open a thread in the issues or leave note in #suggestions on slack.

Type Encoder Description
WebM libvpx Seems to work without fail so far. If WebM recording does not work please make sure libvpx is installed with ffmpeg
MP4 copy,libx264,libx265 libx264 and libx265 have had issues lately. copy seems to not work when timestamp is enabled. Looking to resolve asap.

Tested Cameras

Model Resolution Type Stream URL Save to Note
Alienware R15 Webcam on Firefox for Windows 640x480 Streamer Login as a Streamer WebM
LG GPad on Chrome for Android 640x480 Streamer Login as a Streamer WebM
Grandstream GXV3610-FHD 2048x1536 MJPEG /goform/stream?cmd=get&channel=0 WebM, MP4
Grandstream GXV3615 2048x1536 MJPEG /goform/stream?cmd=get&channel=0 WebM, MP4
Foscam FI9826W 1280x720 H264 /videoSub WebM, MP4
Foscam Clone 640x480 MJPEG /videostream.cgi WebM, MP4
AXIS Q6034-E 1280x720 H264 /axis-media/media.3gp WebM, MP4
AOTE IP Camera 640x480 JPEG /cgi-bin/snapshot.cgi?1 WebM
HikVision DS-2CD2135F-IWS 2048x1536 H264 /Streaming/Channels/1?tcp MP4 Camera supports h265 and h265+ but has green artifacts
HikVision DS-2CD2032-I 1280x720, 1920x1080 H264 /Streaming/Channels/1?tcp MP4
YI Home Camera 1280x720 H264 /ch0_0.h264 Requires a Mod to run. fritz-smh/yi-hack
Wansview W3 (X-Series) H264 /live/ch0 MP4 Tested on port 554

Public Camera Streams

I suggest testing with one of these if you don’t have your own camera yet. Courtesy of and camera stream publishers. Shinobi is not affiliated with

Supported Systems

Recommended Installation Methods

Ubuntu 16.04 Ubuntu 16.04 : The Easier Way
Mac OS Sierra Mac OS : Native
Windows Docker : The Easiest Way

Tested Server side

OS System Description Warnings Last Tested
Ubuntu 16.04 Apple 13-Inch MacBook T7200 2.0 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, 2GB RAM, 120GB HDD, White OS and Hardware being used for development. iSight Camera does not work in Ubuntu out of the box for this computer. 1/3/2017
Mac OS Sierra Macbook 2013, i5, 16GB RAM Earlier build of Shinobi was developed on MacOS Sierra. Tested a long time ago with a old version of Shinobi. 1/3/2017
Ubuntu 16.04 ARM Odroid XU4 (Samsung Exynos5 Octa ARM, 2GB RAM Uses Ubuntu ARM applicable versions of software. Requires FFMPEG 3.x to be built manually or installed from PPA with all required encoders. December 2016
Linux Mint 18.1 Lenovo Yoga 11E laptop Followed installation instructions for Ubuntu 16.04. Thanks jm93944 1/16/2017
Debian 8 “Intel Something” 4 core, 8GB RAM Thanks mrproper 1/19/2017
Puppy Linux 6.0.5 Intel T2400 2 Cores @ 1.83GHz, 4GB RAM Thanks rockedge 1/19/2017

Tested Client side

Browser OS System Description Warnings Date Tested
Safari iOS iPad Mini 2 December 2016
Chrome iOS iPad Mini 2 December 2016
Safari iOS iPhone 5 December 2016
Chrome iOS iPhone 5 December 2016
Chrome Windows 7 i7, 16GB RAM 1/3/2017
FireFox Windows 7 i7, 16GB RAM FireFox in general just seems to not work correctly for the dashboard. Streamer works fine. 1/3/2017
Safari MacOS Sierra i5, 16GB RAM December 2016
Chrome MacOS Sierra i5, 16GB RAM December 2016
  • If you have successfully run Shinobi on a system not listed (client or server). Please send me a PM so I can add it to the list.