Contributing a Plugin

Criteria for a plugin

  • Shinobi must be able to run if the plugin is not present.
    • Exceptions will only be made if the plugin is better off as a feature in which case it shouldn't be classified as a plugin.
  • Required dependencies must have an installation process included
  • Plugin must be a separate process (a daemon)
  • Plugin interfaces with camera.js through
    • OpenCV plugin can be reviewed as an example.
  • Instructions must be provided for simple installation and usage.
  • Options for plugin must be hidden unless plugin is connected to camera.js.
  • Plugin cannot undermine the overall performance of Shinobi.
  • Reviewed, tested, and accepted by peers or a senior developer in the Discord community chat.

Why for transport?

  • Well mainly because this allows for a plug and play feel.
    • Not having to restart the server for a plugin makes sense.
  • Fast and reliable data transfer.
    • It was previously attempted that we use UDP ports to achieve the same result but found there was quality loss.
  • is supported by many languages, not just Node.js
    • Write your plugin in Python, C++, whatever. As long as it communicates with camera.js through the data exchange remains the same.
  • Since each plugin is it's own process it can be run on another machine entirely.
    • You could have one machine do camera.js functions and another do opencv requests.